The readdressing project was completed in a municipality-by-municipality format. The chart below shows the current municipal contact information:

ParadiseAugust 12, 2010570-595-9880
EldredAugust 26, 2010610-381-4252
PriceSeptember 23, 2010570-421-2497
BarrettOctober 8, 2010570-595-2602
Delaware Water GapNovember 16, 2010570-476-0331
Stroudsburg BoroughJanuary 20, 2011570-421-5444
JacksonFebruary 28, 2011570-629-0153
TobyhannaMarch 17, 2011570-646-1212
PolkApril 8, 2011610-681-5376
RossApril 29, 2011570-992-4990
TunkhannockMay 23, 2011570-646-3008
SmithfieldJune 17, 2011570-223-5085
PoconoJuly 15, 2011570-629-1922
HamiltonAugust 19, 2011570-992-7020
LehmanSeptember 16, 2011570-588-9365
StroudOctober 28, 2011570-421-3362
Mt. PoconoNovember 18, 2011570-839-8436
ChestnuthillJanuary 20, 2012570-992-7247
Middle SmithfieldFebruary 17, 2012570-223-8920
CoolbaughMarch 16, 2012570-894-8490
East Stroudsburg BoroughApril 11, 2012570-421-8300

As your municipality was completed, 2 SEPARATE letters were sent to your OLD address for any property you own within the municipality, whether you physically live there or not. The first letter you should have received was from the Monroe County Readdressing Project, a copy of which is included below:


The 2nd letter you should have received was from the US Postal Service explaining the Postal Service policy regarding addressing, and should be identical to the one pictured below with the exception of the addition of your Municipality’s name on line 1 of the letter:


A list of the most frequently asked questions is included here for your reference. If your question is not answered in this document, please proceed to the next section:


Although the postal service letter provides the readdressing office telephone number, the FIRST place you should start if you have questions or comments about your new address, street name, or other problem, SHOULD BE your municipal office. The list of municipal office telephone numbers is provided above for your reference. If you do not receive a satisfactory outcome, or have additional questions regarding the project, THEN you should contact the readdressing office at the number provided on the letter!

Please pay particular attention to the instructions on both letters regarding changing your address with your utilities, suppliers, contractors & other parties.

There are instances where properties have been misidentified during the municipality’s field work. For example, some structures like barns and sheds may have been given addresses in error. There are also instances where properties have been addressed on a corner have been addressed on one road when the driveway & mailbox are actually placed on the other road. In any instance where there is a misidentification, we appreciate your help in rectifying the situation as soon as possible.

Important note: During the readdressing process, many companies may have purchased mailing lists from the postal service that may have included misinformation, especially if you experienced one of the problems with misidentification described above. Once the address problem has been rectified, it is possible that you may still receive mail (especially mail classified as ‘junk’ mail) with an incorrect address on it. This occurs because the company that purchased the information did so during the transition. When those companies purchase newer copies, the correct information will be generated and the junk mail to an old or incorrect address should stop.

If you have any questions regarding the Readdressing Project, please feel free to contact the readdressing project staff via phone at 570-420-3466 or via email at

To see an example of the Address Notification Letter you should have received click here!

Please reference this list of Frequently Asked Questions before contacting readdressing personnel. FAQs

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