For Our Listeners

These codes are used by the dispatcher on the EMS Radio in order to classify calls and dispatch to the field units. When you are listening to your scanner, you will hear the dispatcher give the code first, followed by the location of the call, and finally, the station that is assigned to respond.


EMS Radio CodeDescriptionEMS Radio CodeDescription
1Acute Abdomen21Paralysis
2Amputation22Penetrating Wounds
4Burns25Respiratory ARREST
5Cardiac Symptoms26Respiratory Distress
6Cardiac Arrest27Convulsions/Seizures
7Spinal Injury28Shock
10DOA31MINOR Trauma
11Fever32MAJOR Trauma
12Dislocation/Fracture33MULTIPLE SYSTEMS Trauma
13GI Bleeding34Unknown/Excited Caller
14Gunshot Wound35Unknown/General Illness
16Impairment Similar to Drug/Alcohol Abuse37MED-ALERT Alarm
17Internal45Motor Vehicle Accident
18Nausea/Vomiting55Fire Scene Stand By
19Obstetrics82Emergency Transport
20Overdose83Non-Emergency Transport

When dispatching FIRE calls, the dispatcher uses Plain English to describe the type of fire, therefore, Fire Codes are not used and are not listed here.

The Monroe County Control Center is not responsible for any rebroadcasts of our radio communications on scanner apps.

The Monroe County Control Center policy prohibits the dissemination of Police Codes via the Internet.




Monroe County Fire F-1 Low Band33.980All
Monroe County Fire North453.075FS 22, 25, 32, 33, 47
Monroe County Command453.425
Monroe County Central453.525FS 23, 27, 34
Monroe County Fire South460.525FS 28, 35, 42
Monroe County Fire West460.575FS 41, 42
Monroe County Fire East460.625FS 21, 26, 37, 38
Monroe County Fire Northeast460.300FS 24, 29, 36


Monroe A-1155.280
Monroe A-2155.340
Monroe A-3155.355
Monroe A-4155.400
Monroe A-5155.235
Monroe A-6155.400
EPA MCI Channel155.340
Monroe Med 9462.950
Monroe Med 10462.975
Monroe Command453.425


Monroe Police460.150
Monroe Police460.400
Monroe Police460.425
Monroe Police460.500


Family Radio Service F-1462.563
Family Radio Service F-2462.588
Family Radio Service F-3462.613
Family Radio Service F-4462.638
Family Radio Service F-5462.663
Family Radio Service F-6462.688
Family Radio Service F-7462.713
Family Radio Service F-8467.563
Family Radio Service F-9467.588
Family Radio Service F-10467.613
Family Radio Service F-11467.638
Family Radio Service F-12467.663
Family Radio Service F-13467.688
Family Radio Service F-14467.713
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