CAD Project

The CAD has several robust features that will not only help the field units, but also our dispatchers, making them more proficient and efficient in call processing.

The cost for the new software is approximately $900,000.00, which does not include the cost of hardware. Funding, derived by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, is specifically from the 9-1-1 surcharge imposed on wireline and wireless telephones throughout the Commonwealth.

The software vendor is Tyler Technologies, which is located in Troy, Michigan. Tyler Technologies CAD software is utilized by numerous public safety agencies throughout the United States, from rural areas to larger metropolitan cities.

The new system will afford emergency responders with some additional planning capabilities that were not available in previous CAD systems.

The system will allow the two current hospital network emergency departments to have a “heads-up” on any inbound emergency medical units and will let them see the status of our county EMS units.

All field providers will be able to obtain statistical data with the objective of them forward planning.

The system also has the ability to provide data connectivity with field user mobile devices.

Please note that the “mobile portion” is not a mandate for field providers, it is an option. The plan enables them to engage at their own time and respective funding cycles.

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