EMS Sit-In Program

The Monroe County Control Center is pleased to announce a new EMS Sit-In Program. It is similar to the “ride along” out in the field, but we will be hosting it in our communications center in the hopes of bridging the sometimes-perceived gap between 911 and the EMS community. It is an opportunity for EMS field providers to come in and sit with one of our dispatchers, listen to live 911 phone calls and observe how we process and dispatch that information.

We will be hosting the program on Tuesday evenings from 9/17/2019-12/17/2019. Participants can choose to attend between 1500-1900 hrs or 1900-2300 hrs. Space is limited, so we encourage all interested parties to contact us as soon as possible.


  • Interested parties must be an active member of an EMS organization that is dispatched by the Monroe County Control Center.
  • A criminal history background check will be conducted on all participants.
  • We must receive your email of interest NO LATER than one week before your preferred date.

If you are interested in participating in the EMS Sit-In Program and meet the first requirement and agree to the other two, please submit an email of interest to Melissa Harris at mharris@monroeco911.com

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