The Monroe County Control Center receives fees from the municipalities it serves, for dispatching emergency services, depending upon the category of service the municipality has requested.  Some municipalities do not have local police departments, therefore, pay a per capita fee based on fire and emergency medical service dispatch only.  Other municipalities, with local police departments, pay a higher per capita fee for fire, emergency medical service, and police dispatch.  In addition, dispatch fees are paid by Monroe County for dispatching all types of emergency services throughout the county, including dispatching for county agencies such as the Sheriff’s Department.  Universities and school districts also pay a per capita fee for additional radio usage and emergency services.

The Monroe County Control Center actively and aggressively pursues other types of revenue in order to reduce the amount of the per capita fees charged to each participating municipality.  As noted above, these sources of revenue provide approximately 30% of the annual operating budget of the Monroe County Control Center.


The Monroe County Control Center is operated under the auspices of the Board of Directors; 2 members from each of the owner municipalities who are appointed on an annual basis by the respective governing bodies.  The Board of Directors has appointed Gary A. Hoffman the Director of Communications, Karen S. Barwick as the Information Systems & Fiscal Administrator, Shawn Datesman as the 9-1-1 Operations Director, Susan Difilippantonio as the Training Coordinator, Melissa Harris as the Quality Assurance Coordinator, John A. Snyder as the 9-1-1 Addressing Systems Coordinator, Dawn Pesotini as the Administrative Project Assistant, Robin Staples as the Office Manager and Christina Davidson as Secretary/Receptionist. The dispatch staff consists of 6 shift supervisors, 19 full time dispatchers and several part time dispatchers, typically working up to 6 dispatchers per shift.

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