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Telecommunicator – 9-1-1 Dispatcher

Supervision Received:
The Public Safety Dispatcher will work under the direct supervision of the Director of Communications and the Shift Coordinators.

Explanation of Job Description:
This is a full-time position, which is responsible to receive and transmit emergency and non-emergency telephone and radio requests for service. Prioritizes requests, transfers data into proper radio message format and dispatches proper Police, Fire, Ambulance and other emergency services personnel and equipment per Standard Operating Procedures.

Maintains records and resource data.

Operates Windows based computer systems.

Typical Examples of Duties:
Answers incoming emergency and non-emergency radio and telephone calls. Ascertains nature of situation and its location. Dispatches via radio all necessary personnel and equipment.

Monitors radio activities and provide supplemental information, personnel and equipment.

Maintains status of all field units.

Uses standard operating procedures to send and receive radio, telephone and computer messages.

Maintains logs of communications, resource and referral data, location of personnel and equipment.

Performs related work as required.

Minimum Requirements:
Education: The candidate must have a high school diploma or GED and must be at least 18 years of age.

Valid Driver’s License: The candidate must be in
possession and continuously maintain a valid Pennsylvania driver’s
license and in addition must be able to supply their own transportation
to and from work.

Typing Skills: Must be able to maintain at least a 92% accuracy level of typing at least 35 words per minute. Must be able to use Microsoft Office products and have knowledge of click and drag, copy and paste.

Communication Skills: Ability to listen to and understand directives; ability to write and speak in an understandable, accurate, positive manner. Able to gather pertinent information quickly and accurately; able to communicate the information professionally and precisely to the proper recipient. Must be able to maintain a high level of accuracy, be courteous with other employees, the public and user agencies. To be able to read and understand correspondence, memoranda and directives.

Criminal History: Must have and maintain a COMPLETELY CLEAR criminal record. Must not participate in or is party to any illegal activity or situation which could be perceived as a potential conflict of interest.

Decision Making Skills: Act in a decisive manner, use good judgment. Able to assess problems and situations quickly, able to anticipate needs and avoid overreaction, to maintain flexibility in adjusting to situations and procedures, to support and carry out directives.

Interpersonal Relationship Skills: Be consistent in dealing with people, personal integrity, sensitivity to others problems without direct involvement, exclusion of personal biases from work performance, ability to accept discipline, tact and diplomacy, promoting a cooperative, positive attitude, political sensitivity.

Professional Attitude Skills: Emotional stability, self motivation, loyalty and commitment to the organization, willingness to take initiative, dependability, maturity in relationships with others, personal appearance, self confidence.

Working Skills: Able to produce HIGH quality accurate work. Able to detect and correct errors, able to perform tasks simultaneously if necessary. Able to coordinate heavy work load to maintain organization. Able to utilize work time properly.

Personal Skills: Highly reliable, ability to maintain high degree of confidentiality, flexible in scheduling needs, ability to maintain a calm demeanor under high levels of stress.

State Certification: The public safety dispatcher will be required to obtain and maintain certification in all state mandated categories which currently include: CLEAN/NCIC, call taker, police dispatch, fire dispatch, EMS dispatch, EMD dispatch and EMA dispatch. Monroe County Control Center will assist the applicant in obtaining all state certifications.

Physical Demands:
Because of the public safety service and the high level of sensitive information the Agency handles, all employees are required to be subject to random drug screening. The candidate must pass a drug screening at the time of hire and must consistently pass a random drug screening throughout their employment with the Agency.

While performing the duties of this position, the employee is frequently required to walk, sit, and talk and hear. Occasionally, the employee will need to stand; reach or work with arms above shoulders; and bend, twist & rotate at the waist. On rare occasions, the employee will need to crawl, lift and carry items over 15 pounds or push items.

The specific vision requirements for this position are as follows:

  • Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less) – corrected or uncorrected.
  • Color vision (ability to identify or distinguish colors).
  • Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus).

Hours of Work:
This is a full-time position and as such the hours shall not normally be less than forty (40) hours per week, as scheduled by the Monroe County Control Center management. Employees are required to work rotating shifts and overtime is mandatory. Any schedule adjustments on the part of the employee must have prior approval of the Monroe County Control Center management.

Probationary Period:
There will be a 2080 hour or one (1) year probationary period, which ever comes first. The Probationary Period shall commence with the first hour of employment as a Public Safety Dispatcher. During this probationary period, the employee may be disciplined or discharged by the Director of Communications.

This position will be paid on an hourly basis and the salary rate shall be in accordance with the current Articles of Agreement.

Shall be in accordance with the current Articles of Agreement.

Paid classroom and on the job training are provided by the employer in accordance with the current training program. The normal formal training period lasts 4-6 weeks, followed by on the job training and supervision as required.

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